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My company is called Coalburn Media, which has less to do with burning lumps of coal than it has with a very special place up in Northumberland, close to the village of Eglingham. My family owned Coalburn Cottage for three decades. It is a former gamekeeper's cottage, and sits above a small stream known as The Coal Burn.

I am the only employee of my own company, and I'm happy to take on all sorts of writing and journalism jobs. My main interest is in writing long-form white papers and reports - what is often called thought-leadership. I bring a journalist's eye for messaging, communicating concepts to an audience, and fluent, clear writing. My reports are not brain-dumps of research and knowledge, but clear narratives that present arguments and inform, rather than simply over-power with expertise. They are based on in-depth interviews with experts and reviews of current literature.

As a journalist I'm happy to explore most topics - particularly if they engage my own interest. Among other things, for the Economist Intelligence Unit I've written about the future of education, educational philanthropy, media consumption in APAC, and the state of the nursing profession in China; for the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership I've written about the future of transport; and for the European Council on Foreign Relations I've co-edited a major publication on the political side of the financial crisis in Europe.

I can do a lot more: books and blogs, podcasts and radio reports, and a lot more. Get in touch for more: nicholaswalton99 - at -